Your Valentine

We bounce from one holiday to the next, it seems; from our Fall and Winter celebrations to Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day, while at its heart a sweet concept, has equally gained ground for leaving a large group of people out of the celebrations. We ought to embrace the gentle humor as Valentine’s has been recently touted as National Singles Awareness Day However, it may come as a surprise that we all, single or not, have a Valentine. One that we cannot live without. One that needs our unconditional love, attention, and desire: Ourselves.  
As much as we pour into others, we truly do not pour into ourselves. We give, give, give but at the end of the day we have nothing left to offer ourselves. This conversation goes beyond traditional self-care avenues of a warm bath, quiet reflection, and eating healthy. I advocate for traditional self-care but I’m aiming to reach the heart of this. Let’s look at the mindful, unspoken conversations within ourselves. How do we perceive ourselves? How do we encourage ourselves during our worst moments? A common phrase we often use and willingly accept is that we are our own worst critic. While true, we have come to a sort of apathy over this mindset. We shouldn’t accept that. We must pour and invest in ourselves. Our minds are powerful, and we must give ourselves the same love and grace we give others.  

How do we begin to intentionally shift our mindset? One way to begin is by celebrating your private victories. What good have you done? How are you there for others in your life? What did you achieve today? Recognize the good within yourself. This isn’t an external process to share with others. This is an intimate process of which you should take time to meditate. Focus deeply and spend time elevating you. Give yourself the value you deserve. Make sure you have a seat at your own table! 
As we bring to light our personal victories, let us reflect on where we want to see ourselves in the everlasting. Envision yourself experiencing peace within your mind. Envision the grace you will bestow upon yourself during hard times. Forgive yourself. Visualize yourself living with ease and purpose. Do not waste energy dissecting times that have challenged you. Embrace your ability to continue through and ascend. 
Finally, I encourage you to spend time reflecting on the balance of love. There is a balance that requires us to love ourselves as much as we love others. Close your eyes and imagine the outpouring of love on all that makes you yourself. From the brokenness deep within to your inner strength; all of this must be loved and embraced wholeheartedly and equally. Do not displace the balance by rejecting one side of yourself. Embrace the beauty of all of you.  

As we approach this holiday of love, be sure to see the greatest Valentine in your life: You! There are so many beautiful layers to this journey of self-love. Please reach out to me should you have any questions or would like for me to start a healing journey with you. 

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