Off Again and the Effects On Your Wellbeing

The journal, Family Relations, recently published a study that tracked the emotions and sentiments of 500 people regarding their current relationships. The study reaffirms that relationships that cycle off and on have a negative effect on your mental health. Those involved in the study were found to have an increased level of emotional stress, anxiety, and depression. While this study focused on those in a romantic relationship, we can apply this to ALL the relationships in our lives. At one time in each of our lives, most of us have experienced a relationship with friends or family that had these disruptive characteristics.

Sometimes it is necessary to walk away temporarily from a relationship. The distance might be needed to truly reflect on the dynamics that could be causing the disconnect between you and the other person. This actually a very healthy decision! It’s important to really examine what is important in your relationships to build healthier and more durable connections. In this process, you may want to ask yourself: Is this connection meeting my emotional needs? Am I meeting theirs? What can I do differently?

However, when this process becomes repetitive, it shows a lack of commitment to that goal. Eventually, the cycle becomes toxic because of the damage it does to each party. While every relationship is different, most on again – off again relationships are uncommitted with poor communication. If you have been in a disruptive relationship like this before you may have noticed the effect it’s had on your wellbeing. Perhaps you’ve noticed you have less energy. Perhaps your self-esteem has suffered.

If a relationship is toxic to your mental and physical wellbeing, it is always acceptable to walk away. Every relationship benefits from openly communicating, freely and honestly, about their individual needs and desires. Walking away from toxic relationships in your life is always the right choice!

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