It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s… Captain Invisible! Did you know that in the realms of comic books, superheroes, and video games, the desire of invisibility remains at the top of the list? While this fictional world embraces such “power”, let’s talk reality! Invisibility is one of the most painful and deafening of human experiences. Its roots begin from various life experiences and can have long-lasting effects. It can paralyze your journey and impact your relationships. Let’s look at the various causes and explore how to begin a journey that values and celebrates the most amazing of all heroes: YOU! 

Not being remembered for important events, only being called upon because someone needs something, and simply being forgotten can deeply cut the soul. You may recall the countless times this has occurred and you wait with bated breath for it to happen again. By understanding and organizing your thoughts, you may begin to shift your perspective so your healing journey can begin. Categorizing when and how you feel invisible is a key starting point. Knowing whether you feel this way due to social and cultural aspects, childhood conditioning, or being objectified can allow you the space to see your worth and grow. 


As diverse as we aim to be, our society still labels. And those labels can cause pain. Whether we discuss gender, race, age, orientation, social status, career, mental and chronic health, we can begin seeing the alienation that occurs due to these labels. 

You may fear being in public, establishing relationships, or, even worse, you may fear backlash, judgment, and violence. While fear is another matter to unpack, let’s focus on invisibility. Feeling invisible due to fear causes a natural separation from people and circumstances. It gives you pause before you invest emotionally, mentally, and physically into situations. Fear paralyzes your ability to grow. By default, you silently suffer. People do not know what is going on in the matters of your heart. Friends and family will naturally find themselves enveloped in their day-to-day. They may not realize that a quick text, an honest conversation, and reaching out can bridge that fear. It’s imperative that you do not operate in fear. Fear holds on to you with a firm grasp! It whispers and lies to you; making you think you are not noticed. None of our social, cultural, and health diversities are worthy of feeling invisible. It’s time to rise and embrace exactly who you are. 


A deep-seated aspect to invisibility may, unfortunately, root from childhood. The complex circumstances of each family unit cannot be defined within this newsletter. However, let it be known that feeling invisible during your childhood can give way to feeling invisible as an adult. A parent may have worked to support and provide but wasn’t able to be there during your key moments. A parent may have not emotionally connected to you. You may have been abandoned. 

The child that felt invisible is the adult that struggles with loneliness, vulnerability, and feeling disconnected.  This struggle pervades into relationships both personal and professional. The key to addressing this pain is to love the child you were so you can begin loving the person you are! 

You are not invisible. Your voice may shake. You may struggle to feel like you are worthy of contributing to your world. However, once you begin loving all that is yourself, your ability to love outwardly, confidently, and unapologetically will transform your life. 


Within the darker side of this rabbit hole is the feeling of being objectified and exploited. This will commonly manifest in narcissistic and abusive relationships. You may find yourself, over time, losing your voice. You may be oppressed by fear to break free. You begin to question your choices. You start to self-blame. The silence you suffer as you to try to find a sense of normal is the seed of invisibility. You can function at work, at social events, at home, but you feel invisible since you aren’t living a truthful life. 

Life is vastly short. Start by identifying the situation for what it is: abuse. In doing so, you can begin formulating a sound plan to break free.  When you break free, you will regain your voice, your self-worth, and your ability to embrace the wonderful person that you are. 

I care deeply for your journey. If any of these points resonate with you, please contact me so we can begin an honest healing process. Your well-being is a priority to me, your family, and most importantly, YOU!  

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